Dentist Association of India

Dentist Association of India.

Dentist Association of India..


Dr.O.P.Dhalla, then president Dentists Association of India, Delhi and also registrar Delhi Dental Council in his keynote address pointed out […]

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  Persons of impeccable integrity and position of leadership in their field of specialty. Having acclaimed for the excellence with […]

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It is frozen for the time being (since 1998 G.B.Resolution), but likely to be opened in near future . Any […]

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Any dentist registered in India is automatically associate member of the association . There is no subscription fee for them […]

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Dentist Association of India

Dr.Izzat Rai Goyela , then president Dentists Association of India, on 17th January 1978, in his welcome address mentioned “ I would like to take this opportunity to put before the Honbl’e Minister the difficulties and problems faced by dental surgeons in carrying out their professional duties, dental graduates desires of starting up own dental clinic have to face many difficulties in getting loans from banks – the banks do offer loans but at a very high rate of interest. It is requested that low interest bank loan be made available to dental surgeons.”

Dr.B.K.Kohli , former dental surgeon of L.N.J.P. Hospital , in his speech where more than 1200 dentists gathered in the annual conference of Dentists Association of India requested that ” 80% of population of India lives in villages and few villages are in far-flung areas and a large number of villages are located in high altitudes, in mountainous areas, few of them are in deserts due to lack of distribution of ratio of dentists it becomes difficult for the rural areas people to get modern dental treatment . He requested that a compulsory time period be made necessary for the young dentists to devote his valuable time in such areas. He further requested that our popular Janta government must take some steps so that the poor and weaker section of our society be afforded best dental treatment.”

Shri. Raj Narayan, the then Union Health Minister in his valedictory address pointed out that “number of diseases originate from mouth. To maintain oral and dental hygiene our ancient rishi-muni had advised in Vedic scriptures for ablution before prayer and eating. Use of natural grown plants like neem, babul etc has from the time immemorial been prescribed for maintaining sound dental health. Modern tooth paste of popular brand are expensive for the common people. We must therefore make a thorough research in indigenous medicine which could prove more efficacious for dental treatment.”

Dr.O.P.Dhalla, then president Dentists Association of India, Delhi and also registrar Delhi Dental Council in his keynote address pointed out that in spite of our best efforts offering co-operation, the dentists community is not given full respect as it deserves. He further said that around 30 years back when AIRDA under whose banner the Dentists Association of India (Regd.) fought for the fundamental rights of dentist’s community. He further said practice makes a man perfect. We are not against opening of new colleges but simultaneously we should create more avenues for the dentist (young) who has spent his hard earned money in joining the profession. He requested Shri. Madan Lal Khuranna, the then Executive Councillor Medical who later became Chief Minister of Delhi to take some concrete steps and form a policy so that young graduates don’t feel frustrated and discontinue their aim of doing mankind service as dentists.